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About Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG


Versatile. Flexible. Collectively.

Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG (VFG) is one of the most traditional felt manufacturers in Europe with over 160 years of experience and is your first choice when it comes to developing innovative, high-quality and sophisticated customer solutions.
These customer solutions made from the natural product felt create sustainable added value. Embedded in the FFF Group, almost unlimited problem solutions can be realised with natural wool felt using the available expertise. Together, we have over 450 years of experience in more than 80 industries - we utilise these synergies for the benefit and advantage of our customers.

What we do?

Our products made from natural wool felt, or from a solution-orientated combination with other materials, are used in a variety of applications - be it for saving energy and sealing tumble dryers, very efficient and high-quality trenchless sewer rehabilitation, traditional and gentle gun care, ...



Code of Conduct

Respectful and cooperative collaboration as well as the conscious perception of social responsibility form the basis for our long-term corporate success.
The founder of VFG, then still the Württemberg wool felt manufacturer, Hans Haehnle, was already characterised by a high degree of social commitment.
We continue to follow this example.

The key principles and basic rules governing our actions and our behaviour towards business partners and the public are summarised in the "VFG Code of Conduct".
It provides employees, managers and the Executive Board alike with a framework for orientation.


Code of Conduct_EN

What makes us different?

Location loyalty
We bear responsibility for our region and the people we live with. That is why we have been producing our felts
in the Gerschweiler district of Giengen/Hermaringen since 1858.

We love felts. Because they are so natural, flexible, hard-wearing and incredibly versatile.
Because we are too. And because like likes to go hand in hand, we have chosen this natural jack-of-all-trades as our material.

QualityConsistently reliable felt quality is important. For this reason, the essential properties of felt are recorded and specified within the relevant German industrial standards (DIN).
VFG is a DIN ISO 9001:2015 certified company - these regulations form the basis of our product quality in order to fulfil the necessary specifications and the requirements placed on us and, in some cases, to develop them even further.

VFG wool felts are mainly made from pure sheep's wool. Why? Firstly because we enjoy working with natural materials. On the other hand, out of a commitment to our environment. We like to take a stand, because this is how we consciously differentiate our products from cheap mass-produced goods. Our 100% wool felts are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified.
We organise the use of energy efficiently in our company. We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 and are constantly developing our energy management system.

VFG sees itself as an innovative and solution-orientated company that is passionate about helping you to master different challenges. With many years of experience, up-to-date expertise and well-equipped machinery, we work closely with our customers to develop customised felted products from the initial idea through to series production.

The FFF Group is a strong alliance of companies that share a passion.
This network guarantees a permanent exchange of knowledge, innovation, economic stability and high quality standards.



The VFG supports the German Wildlife Foundation's commitment to urban wild bee conservation