The history of the German felt industry and the current VFG was significantly marked in these formal years by the company founder, Hans Haehnle, and his wife, Lina Haehnle. Haehnle declared his maturity in 1858 at 20 years to found the company, the W√ľrttembergische Wollfilzmanufaktur. Previously, he had finished vocational studies as a dyer, and then embarked on a longer educational journey. After difficulties getting started, he tried felt as a new potential industry, and the increased demand allowed the company to expand continuously. After the purchase of several other companies domestically and abroad, the company was transformed in 1881 into the Vereinigte Wollfilzfabriken Aktiengesellschaft.

Haehnle was also very active outside of the company. He was a member of the chamber of commerce and was a democratic representative at the imperial and state assemblies for many years. He was also always concerned about the well-being of his employees. Many homes were built for employees with the help of the company's funds. His wife Lina was also very active in supporting these efforts. For example, a nursery was set up, and not only children of employees were cared for.

Another of Lina Haehnle's activities was environmental protection. She founded NABU, the German association for protection of birds, and she also contributed importantly to the foundation of the Federsee nature refuge at Bad Schussenried.

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