Needle felt

Since the 50s and 60s, needle felt techniques became increasingly important. Its beginnings reach back to 1870. The swift boom of chemical fibers enabled a breakthrough in the technology. These new fibers permitted numerous novel applications and areas of implementation. Needle felt is normally an important material wherever high temperature resistance and durability of age, rot resistance, and extreme tear and abrasion resistance is required.

Whether wool or needle felt should be used for your application is a question for the specialists. The professionals at VFG will be happy to advise you.
Artificial fibers like spun rayon and many chemical fibers with diverse properties, as well as older proven natural fibers like jute, cotton, and wool - almost all of them may be processed into needle felt.

Chemical and mechanical treatments may be applied to improve, add to, and complete the properties of materials like wool and needle felt. Especially in technical terms, finishing plays a very important role.

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