high-quality felt sealing solutions

VFG sealTEX stands for a wide range of high-quality felt sealing solutions for diversity of applications.

Do you need a traditional seal made of wool or needle felt, innovative seals made of composite materials or a customer-specific solution?
VFG sealTEX offers you the right seal!

Benefit from the possibilities of the FFF Group and obtain a tailor-made solution for your application. You can choose from a wide range of finishing work (punching, drilling, sanding, pressing, sewing, gluing, etc.) and finishing options (self-adhesive, greased, flame-retardant, gliding).

VFG sealTEX is successfully used by long-standing customers from a wide variety of industries, for example in household appliances (condensation seals in clothes dryers), power tools (dust filters in drilling machines) and in alternative energy generation (seals in wind turbines).

VFG sealTEX provides lasting protection for your application and offers you advantages in energy management through reliable sealing with simultaneous friction reduction.

VFG-sealTEX-sealing solutions (316 KB)